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"Fuck You Twitter" 6 years ago

You know what?  Just stop it.  My lord.  Here’s the deal: we don’t know what we’re doing, okay?  We’re just getting killed over here and all of you just sit there and write long diatribes about how scaling Twitter is trivial or hard.

After today we’ve had it up to about here with you people.  Err users.  Customers?  WTF.  Well, we’ve been loving Summize as of late (how do they do search so well?! - we should just hire those guys) and somebody jokingly put “fuck you twitter” into the search box.  You know what came up?  Well, you can look for yourself.

We know who said that.  Guess what we did today?  For every motherfucker that decided to talk shit about us in the last three days (you’d be amazed at how many people that actually is) we’re adding a “sleep 1” to every action you do on the website.  Don’t like it now?  Fine.  Fuck you.  Shut your cake holes and we might not crank it up to 2.